On & Off street

We improve the parking experience


Parking users are always looking for ways to improve their parking experience.

In urban areas, people spend a lot of time looking for parking lots. This not only wastes time, but it also increases pollution. Cars driving around them to find parking spaces are the reason for a considerable part of the traffic on the streets. As a result, it increases congestion and reduces the quality of life in cities.

On street

On street refers to parking the vehicle on the street, anywhere on or along the curb, as opposed to parking it in a parking garage. On some streets you can park your vehicle on the street, but sometimes there are restrictions. Mainly, these restrictions are presented on the traffic signs. Sometimes you are only allowed to park on one side of the street and other times you are not allowed to park the vehicle at all.

Street parking management solutions are the best way for city administrations to improve the quality of city life and efficiently manage their parking lots.

Our parking solutions allow parking operators and parking users to obtain real-time data on parking availability and prices. Above all, both parties can collect and communicate information through a variety of online channels.

Off street

Off street parking means parking the vehicle anywhere, but not on the streets. These are usually specially arranged car parks. Parking outside the street can be both inside and outside. Off-street parking also includes private lots, garages and alleys.

The off-street parking management solution provides real-time data on the availability and reservation of parking spaces. It also offers dynamic pricing features, allowing a balance between supply and demand.

The system is extremely versatile and can be configured to fit the practical needs of any parking facility. It can be easily used in office buildings, sports and cultural venues, shopping malls, hospitals, universities, convention centers, airports and transportation terminals, parking facilities and more.

Secunet Project solutions allow for dynamic pricing, which can contribute to a balance of supply and demand in urban parking areas. In addition, this can lead to better management of parking areas and to higher revenues for municipalities, while reducing traffic congestion.