Call Nurse

The best systems

Communications platform

Secunet Project offers you the best systems for your communications requirements. Thus, “Call NURSE” is a state-of-the-art communication platform for the medical sector, for hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, care centers, centers for people with special needs, etc.

“Call NURSE” is efficient due to the complete IP solutions integrated in the system. Calls are sent from patients directly to the medical staff on the central device or can be redirected to mobile devices through push-up type notifications. Also, the medical staff can initiate announcement type calls for patients or for the rest of the patients inside the hospital.

Safety, tranquility and comfort

This system works with a single network cable, which means a significant reduction of the cable issues or wiring confusion. Depending on the needs and requirements of the medical system, it allows the creation of customed combinations, a variety of terminals for patients’ beds. The main screen is graphic, tactile, LED-lightened, and the installation is easily done on a table or on a wall. The system includes not only the communication calls, but also the radio or TV function for patients. “Call NURSE” can also function without a voice connection, indicating only light signals or standard beeps signals depending on requirements or emergencies.

“Call NURSE” is a way for patients to feel safe, have peace and comfort because the signal has been transmitted and the medical staff can react immediately. The system reduces the time to provide aid to patients and streamlines the work of medical staff.