Mission & values

Secunet Project Mission

The mission of Secunet Project is to promote a professional attitude and conduct at the highest standards in the field of construction and security solutions. Our goal is for this field to become an example of the seriousness and “sense of responsibility” put into practice by the entire industry.

We aim to maintain a positive attitude, passion and conviction in everything we do, to maintain lasting partnerships, built on loyalty, fairness and mutual transparency, to assert ourselves as a loyal partner and competitive supplier, to pay constant attention to customer needs and to continuously invest in technological renewal and the development of new solutions.

Our values

We firmly believe in the company’s values ​​because they offer us a well-defined professional perspective with which we obtain the best results.


We take responsibility for our actions. We are aware of the consequences and the results of the changes and actions we take. By assuming we manage to evolve and establish what are the pluses and minuses of our ammunition.


We are loyal to our customers, we never resort to immoral actions. We are devoted to colleagues, we respect work ethic. We support the work of the team and offer help whenever needed.


Fairness is a value that will always make a company successful. A fair professional inspires trust, and we, through the way we act, demonstrate that our partners and collaborators can trust our company.


Personal progress is very important and thus we manage to become our best option, learning helps us to innovate and find optimal solutions.


Communication is a key value. By communication we mean transparency, involvement, devotion. In order for our results to be successful, we listen, communicate, transmit information on time, so that there are no ambiguities in the collaboration relationship with our clients or in the team.


If inventions represent new ideas, innovations are the successful result of those ideas that improve or create services. We stand out by our ability to ask questions, to collect information, by openness to experimentation and the power of observation.