Parking management software solutions

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Parking management software is used by companies to optimize the parking space, manage the flow of cars and ensure the safety of both cars and people. Parking management software helps companies control access to parking spaces, manage multiple types of charges, and process payments.

Parking management software integrates with video surveillance software or image capture and recognition solutions. It is also important that the parking management would integrate with the software for the entry and exit stations, as well as with POS or payment stations.

To be included in the Parking Management category, a product must:

  • Manage different types of parking (for example: disabled, VIP, guest) and their locations
  • Track inbound and outbound traffic of people and cars
  • Define and manage parking spaces for multiple locations
  • Follow parking permits and permits for different durations or locations
  • Provide or integrate with payment processing functionality
  • Report on space usage, revenue, and other KPIs

Airports and shopping malls are examples of traditional car parks. These car parks are managed by a general car park management software.

Parking management software is mainly for data and reporting. They give car parks real-time visibility of occupancy, access control and revenue.

Parking lot management software vendors focus on integration with parking lot hardware. This includes barriers, gates, license plate recognition and parking sensors to provide a more comprehensive picture of the car park.

Parking management software is required if a parking lot is revenue generating. It allows you to support your operations and make business decisions.

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