Access controll and timekeeping

Choosing the best access control system for your place

Effective ways to monitor space

The access control function and timekeeping are two effective ways to monitor a company’s workspace and to clearly record the time in which people work.

As a result of the evolution of security and automation systems, the access control and timekeeping system arose from the need to limit the access of certain people and to allow access to people in predetermined areas. Access is made by using the proximity card, being the most used technology, but also by other methods such as smart cards, biometric system, magnetic stripe, tags, fingerprint, iris, etc.

Choosing the best access control system is a big and essential investment for protection. Access control is the first line of defense to keep unauthorized people out of places where they should not have access to and a key safety feature to provide people with security at work, in residential complexes of buildings, parking lots, etc.

 Benefits of the access and timekeeping system:

  • Customized access control solutions based on card/ label, timing functions and personal recordings
  • Simplicity in configuration and use: various configuration options and special functions
  • Wide range of management reports analyzed according to different criteria: first arrival/ departure, absenteeism, presence in an area, number of hours worked / department, etc.
  • Scheduled reporting: it automatically sends reports on days, hours, and preset addresses, exported to files accessible on any PC with a web browser
  • Scheduled reporting: you automatically send reports on preset days, times, and preset addresses, exported to files accessible on any computer with a web browser

Secunet Project offers and proposes systems that can restrict the access of unauthorized persons in a certain space for your convenience.