Fire detection

Wide range of fire detection and alarm systems

Secunet Project

Secunet Project offers a wide range of fire detection and alarm systems, using state-of-the-art professional equipment with the possibility of early fire detection by various technologies.

Obsolete fire safety equipment can no longer provide the necessary safety protection for the building, adding an additional danger in an emergency while threatening a company's reputation.

Fire safety measures, including smoke control and ventilation systems, are vital in the event of a fire to ensure the safe evacuation of building occupants and easy access for the fire service. The crucial role that each element and system plays means that any failure or inefficiency could endanger both the lives of the occupants and the building itself. Fire and smoke control systems are often complex due to a range of factors, including the physical characteristics and use of the building, which will influence the specifications of the system. The long-term effectiveness and compliance of the installed solution will depend on the quality of design, installation, testing and commissioning. It is also based on comprehensive periodic maintenance throughout its life. A fire detection system aims to detect and report the onset of a disaster as soon as possible, in order to reduce the time required to implement firefighting measures and to limit its impact.

Automatic fire detectors (DAI) are based on various technologies that can be used to look for phenomena related to a fire outbreak: flue gas, smoke, flame, heat, etc. During a fire, the detector is activated, it sends a signal to the fire panel. This signal is translated, on the one hand, into clear information for the user, and, on the other hand, it implements the automatic operations that must be controlled to protect people and property, as part of a fire safety system (SSI).

Secunet Project offers a wide range of fire detection systems to meet the most demanding problems. Every client will find a reliable partner in the Secunet Project company because we are concerned about your safety.