Fire extinguishing

wide range of solutions and equipment needed for firefighting, through gas extinguishing systems.

What are gas extinguishing systems used for?

The gas fire extinguishing system is used to extinguish fires in areas where the application of normal extinguishing agents, such as water or foam, could cause more material damage than fire. Inert gases reduce the oxygen concentration in the protected area, so the fire simply goes out. The system is activated automatically by electrical fire signaling using fire detectors or the system can be run manually. They are used for extinguishing fires in enclosed areas or in local fires, usually in data centers, computer centers, control centers, high-voltage and low-voltage electrical rooms, as well as in engine testing laboratories, archives or others like that.

Increase the safety of your property by using modern extinguishing fire systems

The better the firefighting solutions, the higher the value of the building. Firefighting is an important part of building safety, so that so that investing in proper equipment and proper maintenance is important in emergencies.

Because the types of buildings, as well as the activities and fire tasks inside them differ, we offer specialist help in assessing and delivering the appropriate firefighting systems for your premises.

There are many different types of systems available on the market: from sprinkler systems to high pressure water mist systems; from automatic gas suppression systems to portable fire extinguishers.
Firefighting systems and equipment vary depending on the size, age, use, structure and construction type of your building. Extinguishing agents vary depending on the type of fire, for example: electric, non-electric, flammable liquid, wood and paper, grease or oil, metal or chemicals.

We use extinguishing agents such as: FM-200, INERGEN IG-541, ARGON IG-01, NITROGEN IG-100, CO2, NOVEC, etc.

Our company is willing to find the right solution for your building, the safety of your company, employees’ safety and comfort.