Integrated systems

Integration of all systems within a place

More efficient use

The integrated security system is the ideal and efficient solution for a company where a centralized security control is required to offer multiple advantages and is easy to manage. Integrated security systems centralize the functions of all security systems and have the ability to control and monitor, thus facilitating the entire process of managing a complete and complex security system.

The main reason why organizations use system integration is their need to improve the productivity and quality of their operations. The goal is to make the various IT systems “talk to each other” through integration, accelerate information flows and reduce operational costs for the organization. But system integration is not only used to connect the internal systems of an organization, but also the third parties which the organization operates with.

It has a special relevance for information technology – where different hardware and software parts act together as a coordinated system – but also for civil engineering and infrastructure projects, where they can be seen as a distinct phase of the delivery process. Interactions between subsystems allow the integration of sometimes seemingly disparate systems, adding value to the system as a whole in terms of increased efficiency, accuracy or cost-effectiveness.

In constructions, collaboration is needed between many different parties – owners, customers, consultants, contractors, suppliers and so on. Systems integration techniques can be used to synthesize knowledge in different areas of expertise, roles and responsibilities.